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History is India’s largest national repository for history that offers used history certificate for nearly 200 Million of the total 220 Million registered vehicles in India. History Certificate provides overall information about a vehicle’s background, covering up to 50 different history records in 10 seconds.

RTO Vehicle Information
India's Most Comprehensive
Vehicle History Check
Online Vehicle Registration
Provides 200Mil+
Vehicles' History
Vehicle Information
Built Using Droom's
Proprietary Technology

Why History

Check authenticity of the vehicle information provided by the seller
Check how old the vehicle is
Check if the vehicle is blacklisted
Check vehicle fitness certificate validity
Check number of times the vehicle has been resold
Check loan history of the vehicle

key highlights

200Mil +

Vehicles data in Droom's database

1000 +

RTO's data in Droom's database

60 L

Vehicle's real time updated data

50 +

Unique Parameters of a Vehicle
Information Available About All Kinds of Private and Commercial Vehicles !

How History Works

Vehicle Journey

benefits of history

Check Any Vehicle's History online in 10 seconds
Quick and easy access to information about any kind of vehicle registered in India
Comprehensive and consolidated history from multiple authoritative sources
Authentic data to help you make more informed decision in vehicle sale or purchase



  • What is the source of information of History Certificate?

    The History certificate is completely unbiased and is based on historical data available at various authorized data providers.

  • Can I sell History Certificate?

    No, Droom reserves all the rights to sell the History Certificate. End user(s) can use vehicle's history certificate for personal reference while buying or selling a vehicle. Droom may take a legal action against anyone found misusing the certificate.

  • How is a History Certificate helpful?

    History Certificate helps in taking an informed decision before purchasing a used vehicle. It provides important information about vehicle's background, covering upto 50 different history records that can save you from being a victim to a fraud.

  • Why is the History certificate I am looking for not available?

    There is a possibility that currently the certificate is not available in our database. We are constantly increasing our database to provide users with History Certificate of every used vehicle. We request you to try after sometime.

  • How will I receive my History Certificate?

    Your History Certificate will be available on the result page. You can directly download the history certificate using a link provided at end of the process. A detailed certificate will also be sent to your e-mail id in upto 30 minutes.

  • What is the cost of the History Certificate?

    There is nominal fee of starting @ ₹49 for History Gold Certificate & ₹149 for History Platinum Certificate

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