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About History

History is India's largest national repository for vehicle history that offers used history report for nearly 200 Million of the total 220 Million registered vehicles in India. History report provides overall information about a vehicle's background, covering up to 50 different history records in 10 seconds.

Why History

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How History Works

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Benefits of History Certificate

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Know About Number plates

White Number Plate

number plate
This type of number plate is one of the most common types of vehicle registration plate. It is a white plate with black lettering on it. Furthermore, it is used only for private purposes and cannot be used for commercial purposes like ferrying passengers and transporting goods.
number plate
White Number Plate
number plate
Yellow Number Plate
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Green Number Plate
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Red Number Plate


Can I sell Vehicle History report ?

No, Droom reserves all the rights to sell the History report. End user(s) can use vehicle's history report for personal reference while buying or selling a vehicle. Droom may take a legal action against anyone found misusing the report.

Vehicle History report helps in taking an informed decision before purchasing a used vehicle. It provides important information about vehicle's background, covering up to 50 different history records that can save you from being a victim to a fraud.

There is a possibility that currently the report is not available in our database. We are constantly increasing our database to provide users with History report of every used vehicle. We request you to try after some time to see the availability of the report.

Your Vehicle History report will be available on the result page. You can directly download the history report using a link provided at end of the process. A detailed result will also be sent to your e-mail id in up to 30 minutes.

There is nominal fee for report & ₹129 for History Premium report.

About History

History is a platform that provides users with overall information about vehicle history. With the help of the tool, the users can check vehicle history of any car, bike or scooter and get the vehicle history report and generate a report. The report generated by History helps you check vehicle history online. This full vehicle history report is very useful for the buyers as well as sellers as it helps the users by providing all the details which are crucial while buying or selling a used automobile. It is India’s most comprehensive Car, Bike and Scooter History Tool that let the user know about the background of any used vehicle or the detailed vehicle information. This is the reason why the report is also coined as a vehicle information report.

Why History?

History is an unbiased report that reveals the overall information about any vehicle’s background. You can check vehicle information such as vehicle registration details, loan history of the vehicle, vehicle owner details, fitness report validity of the vehicle, how old the vehicle is, check if the vehicle is blacklisted, check a number of times the vehicle resold, check vehicle accident history free, etc. In this way, you get to know all the necessary details about the vehicle you are planning to buy. The users need to provide the vehicle registration number to check vehicle history and he/she can avail a detailed used car or used bike report.

How Does it Work?

History has data for more than 200+ million registered vehicles in more than 1000 Regional Transport Office across the country. This data has been consolidated from multiple authoritative sources with more than 60 lakh vehicle’s data updated in real time. To get a detailed report about any used car, the users need to opt for online vehicle registration by entering the car’s registration number; as soon as the registration number is provided, the user will get a vehicle history report.

Benefits of History

History is very beneficial to any user who is looking to buy or sell a used vehicle. The data provided by history helps buyers to make a more informed decision while buying a used car. It provides used vehicle history by generating vehicle history report. You can check the background of any vehicle and get a vehicle history report online within 10 seconds. This way you get quick and easy access to information about any kind of vehicle registered in India. It gives you authentic data which makes you more confident about your buying decision.

History Methodology

Being the most advanced and comprehensive used car and used bike history checker, History is based on true facts and provides the most genuine vehicle history report in India. This is the most authentic way to check vehicle registration details, as History takes the data from RTO vehicle information. Regional Transport Office (RTO) is the only Government of India organization that is authorized to maintain a database of vehicles for all states and union territories and provide reliable vehicle information in India. If you are planning to buy a used vehicle, you need to be well-informed about its background, and this is where History comes in. It provides an unbiased history report and gives vehicle information online about its past. History takes used vehicle’s registration number as an input and checks vehicle registration to generate a valid report for that vehicle. The vehicle registration report or report contains various information about the car or bike such as car registration details, car loan details, blacklist details, car ownership details, vehicle accident history and many other important points. This way, you can check the entire history of any used vehicle and get a free vehicle history report and accident history report.